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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hard like Squats

Wanna try something interesting?  Consider it an excercise for your emotion.  Read this blog and the comments below, or just the comments below it, and just experience how the comments make you feel.

Me, I feel people being angry and it makes me angry. 
I can feel insulted even though I'm not being talked to.
I personally have not made any comment on that blog, but as I read I can feel like I'm being talked to.  I'm taking responsibility for something that is not mine. 
I wonder about my defensive insulted emotion.  I let it sit, feel it start to go away then I want to make it burn and I want to reply and get angry back.  Notice how anger is hungry. 

Find a post that makes you upset.  Re-read it and  highlight the sentance that makes you upset.  Then force yourself to highlight the word in that sentance that really triggers it for you.  Try now to realize what you are visually picturing this person looking like or what their life is like or what they are like.  Notice you are starting to compare this person you are making up to people that you do actually know.  Why are you doing this?  What is the point in getting up set.  Turn away from your computer, look around, and realize where you have power.  Get out of your head.  Come to the present notice a smell in your immediate surroundings.

Then read it again.  Is there common ground?  I see experiencing things like this without giving in to the negative landscape of emotion as a really good workout.

The only reason you would feel angry is if you felt threatened.  Anger is a gift yes, but a tool more, and every tool is a weapon if you hold it right....or wrong.

These are hard questions and hard topics to answer.  There are many hard topics to cover.  Imagine what other topics this post could cover.  The cool thing is that if you can control your emotions you have a good chance of thinking about them more often, with grater clarity, with a increased chance of making progress in your quest for your relationship to the world around you.... and you can begin to ask and answer some really hard questions.

To this often.  Do this with real live people.  Its hard, but worth it.  Like squats :) Don't give up.  Don't disengage.  Do one more rep.

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