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Friday, February 17, 2012

Attitude Management

Attitude management is the third pillar of health.  You have objective sciency things like nutrition and excercise.  Its easy to not appreciate the real and valid part of health called attitude management.

AM is subjective because it is purely your experience.  There is no evidence of it outside of your mind.  It is truly all up to you and only true if you think its true.  It is good to appreciate that it is subjective in nature so that you can really be aware of what power you have.  In subjective things you are like a god.  You can instantly create, destroy, sort, compare, pay attention to, ignore, cultuvate, or ruin your attitude.  Because our 5 sense's are so objective and obvious and evidence based they are what they are regardless of what you think about them.  Its easy to think that your attitude is like that too.  Its easy to think your attitude is just what it is and you have to deal with it.  Its easy to think that your attitude is THE RESULT of outside objective REAL things like, Cars, people, situations, financial resources, circumstance, relationships.  However...attitude is NOT the result of those things.  In my opinion this is wonderful news.  This is news though that is critical to understand and appreciate much like we strive to understand and appreciate the other pilars of health like excercise, nutrition, sleep.

In our world we are taught that its often either, or.  This mentality makes is hard to appreciate objective rational things like our five sense's while recognizing and appreciating purely subjective things like our attitudes. 

For me its important to establish that both are real, but real in differnt ways, and a relationship to both is vital to a happy healthy life.

So what is AM, and what does it look like?  I don't have this perfectly hashed out...this is only a rough draft of ideas.

Simply put, attitude, is how you feel.
Attitude Management is recognizing that you feel what you think about and therefore YOU need to manage what you think about.
Attitude management is the central point of integration between what you think and what you feel.  It is a crutial power/responsibiliy of a concious being that desires to be alive.

There seems to be many books about either objective reality OR subjective reality, but not ones (I havn't searched, just havn't come across) that recognize and define out both and then explain that the human expereince is the integration of the two.

I didn't fully realize this yesterday, but had a set of experineces that really helped to further define this concept into what you are reading right now.

The process of AM needs to be explained with examples given..this is outside the scope of this entry.  The concept that you feel what you think about is the core of the truth.

You feel nothing for things you do not think about.

The purpose of this email was to give AM its rightful place as a fully valid and crutial part of life that like nutrition and excercise must be dony daily.  In fact AM is successful in so far as it is practiced.

AM will get at suffering, anxiety, depression.
Things are still what they are, bad things are still bad, like pain, but suffering and depression in my opinion don't come from pain, but from our attitude about it.  During times of pain it is even MORE necessary to practice AM.  You could say that normal life is AM practice for the very painful times.

If ones lives their life with zero AM they will most likely have an emotional outlook and attitude that is very weak, susseptable, chaotic, sometimes good or bad whenever.  I'd like to add that a greater and deeper practice of AM is even more important to those of us who try to expereince the world through our feelings.  OR for people who's AM has gotten corrupted and out of control.

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