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Friday, February 7, 2014

Seeing a problem

Seeing a problem in the world that only could have happened because a human was free to do it, and then thinking the way to solve that problem is to make that human less free via force or threat of force to prevent it from happening in the future has unintended consequences that are MORE costly in the long run than the original problem.

Its more costly because neither the producer, consumer, or enforcer has grown philosophically, morally, or spiritually by choosing the coercive path.  Which means that you will always have to pay for the product/service + corruption + enforcement.  Which means you have compounding problems as your next problem builds off of your last.

We should never create (through our philosophy) distance between cause and effect.  We should never create intellectual fog as to whom is responsible for what.

The proper way to enforce is to withdrawl consent in all ways in which support was being given to the individual/groups previously.  This implies that as individuals we are responsible for our actions, and the results of those actions.  It is personal responsibility and accountability that needs to grow if we want health/peace and those qualities are diminished when we try to export OUR responsibility onto others.

Therefore property rights and free association are to be held up as paramount for a free and healthy society.  To be responsible is to be responsible for something, this original something is you, your actions, the things you acquire, and then the people you associate with.  All manner of human relationships need to be voluntary and chosen for all of us to grow in the ways which support a healthy society.

Freedom is the ultimate principle.  You are free to do anything but violate someone else's freedom, to the degree that you do you are responsible.  To violate anyone's freedom is self destructive and nullifying of that point of view or philosophy.

-Evil and the nature of our world-

There is no guarantee onto the future.  It is unhealthy to force it into mine or anyone else's vision of utopia.  What I mean is that there is no "system" conceived of that can guarantee total peace and serenity for all.  We can only guarantee freedom or slavery.

You could try to create hell on earth and have unlimited resources with which to try, and yet someone will laugh, someone will fall in love, someone will smile.  Eventually you would have to kill all life including your self.  This perspective is ultimately self destructive and self denying.  It is insane and I don't think worth perusing intellectually to a great degree.

You could try to create heaven on earth.  If you have unlimited resources the best you could do would be to create YOUR version of it which is ultimately narcissistic and psychologically unhealthy, but no matter what you do someone will get hurt, cry, make a mistake.

This world is completely bound by cause and effect.  Human beings are a mix of their determined biology and environment, yet in every moment exercise free will to decide.  It is from this position that we begin.  This is where you exist, this is your life.  What will you do with it?  There are few guarantee's.  You have the right to exist and to interact with the world, as do all others.  If you do not like what someone else is doing you have the right to not participate or support in any way.  If you do not like how someone is behaving you do not have the right to initiate force against them.  If human beings are good, then over all, in the long run, more often than not, life will be good.  The converse is also true, if human beings are bad then...  Voluntary associations of like minded people can grow from units as small as two and become as large as the whole planet.  They can perform ANY function or service.  These associations will grow based upon our individual philosophies, if it is possible to have two philosophies be in alignment they will be similar in principle and be simple in nature they will be non-contradictory.  Alignment is stable and self reinforcing.  Our social systems will either promote equality or inequality.  IF they promote inequality then individuals are responsible to withdrawl consent from said system and seek out/create another.  Overtime this process is equalizing to the best degree that anything could be.  There are no inherent masters or slaves.  This is the best we can hope for.

All physical items (property) must be either owned or awaiting to be discovered and then owned.  Therefore someone is responsible for all things, or soon to be.

Government is a group of people that have the moral right to initiate force over another group of people in a given geographic area.  In a government system you do NOT actually own your home even if you no longer make payments to a bank, this simple evidence is all that is needed to understand the nature of government.  If you don't believe me or my point is not understood try to live in your home peacefully in a self sustaining mannor and tell me if someone shows up carrying a weapon explaining to you that you owe them money for a war you do not support.

Voluntary associations look and function EXACTLY like government except they are truly accountable to a degree semiannual voting (democracy) could never be, in that they can utilize a voting methodology to gain consensus but have the built in the fail safe of "disassociation rights" of all members to keep it fair.  There will be as many voluntary associations are there are good ideas they will be dynamic as human beings are.  They are truely bound to the will of the member.

If humans beings want roads there will be roads.
If human beings want local or national defense there it will be.
If human beings want guaranteed health care there it will be.
If human beings want a social safety net there it will be.

What human beings can never have is something for nothing with out slavery.

Please, reject slavery.


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