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Thursday, October 13, 2011

ATP, Mito's, homeostasis, oh my!

I think Peter is looking for the "original sin" in this whole cascade.

As I read this article I thought to my self...this seems historically significant.  I think it will be a very long time until this info is public knowledge..if ever.  I wouldn't be suprised if this guy wins a nobel prize one day.  Its deffinately heavy stuff...but the concepts he is getting at are going to explain a lot of the issues and diet descrepancies we've seen.

This explains a real good relationship between the idea of cal's in vs cal's out and actual hunger with out directly talking about those two topics.  How it may "work" for some and not others.  That over eating is an effect of some other mechanism and not a psychological one.  Over eating is not the primary cause.

The whole Adipostat a competing hypothesis from another researcher.  The idea is that the somewhere in the Hypothalamus is a "thermostat" that regulates your fatness hence Adipostat.  Peter disagree's with this Adipostat hypothesis.  As do I.

A good part of this is over my head, but I like to listen in on discussions by the intellectual giants and take from it what I can.  This way I'm sort of ahead of the curve of the pop culture spin machine, and can better form my own opinion's when that wave hits me, because I'm watching TV, or listening to the radio.  I've always been facinated how ideas drive the world.  Sometimes we're really wrong for 50, 100, or 1000 years.

"Let's just set this out:

Mitochondrial dysfunction leads to cytosolic fatty acid derivative accumulation.
This leads to chronic hyperinsulinaemia via insulin resistance.
This leads to adipocyte distension.
This leads to adipocyte insulin resistance.
This leads to increased plasma FFA delivery at a given level of insulin.
This leads to increased cytosolic FFA derivatives.
This leads to mitochondrial ATP production being normalised.

The cost is increased insulin resistance. Oh, and the MECHANISM for improved ATP production is OBESITY. Call this a cost if you wish." - Peter


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