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Monday, January 2, 2012

success stories

I love dramatic success stories.  I have a success story...letting it brew as it becomes more dramatic :)

Marks Daily apple has a nice collection.  Our triumph to sculpt the type of physical body we want is such an amazing thing.  I become aware of things as I express my self.  For example I'm becoming aware of something very important.

Human physical triumph is post mental triumph.  The journey began within.

Getting a lean healthy strong flexible body is one heck a journey.

There are many steps and stages in a journey.  Here is a step I'm thinking about...that perhaps is not a step but a belief system that one carries with them along the journey. 

I think of what I want to be.
I realize, to be different, I have to think, then do, different things.
I understand what I want to be.
I work to express that.
I work to enjoy each step because victory is now, not later.
I realize I'm responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and physical output.

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