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Monday, January 2, 2012


I have not posted in awhile, glad to be back.

I enjoy capturing my ideas, so I'll keep the spirit of this blog coming from that place.  I think I'll enjoy it more then, meaning it will primarily be about me and my enjoyment.  This must mean that I can write no wrong, and comparisons are not rational.

I did (i think I just let details slip often...hmm) 10 ashtanga sun salutations this morning...first thing..before I left my room.  my thoughts on that.

This was the first time ive done that..body really stiff.  When I did yoga this morning I became aware of how asleep, tight, wrapped up, slow every system in my body was.  I am naturally  very unflexible but became painfully aware of how much more unflexible I am first thing.  Every joint was way lungs would burn from deep breath (reminded me of being a smoker).

Here is what is cool.  I experienced tremendous benefit...or profit :) from these 10 moves.  It took prolly 15 minutes...but I felt very awake after and warmed up and ready.  I can infer a lot of wisdom from this...why it would be good to start the day like this ETC ETC.  I'm going to do this again.  Tomorrow in fact.

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