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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How many ideas a day do you have that you like?  How many of these ideas do you wish you could remember and then come back to and edit as it evolves?  I wake up in the morning sometimes with the best most exciting thoughts and then I forget them.  Damn...

Since I started this blog I've been aware and thinking about it constantly and thinking, OH that would be cool to write about!  So I was thinking, wow I need to get to best buy today and buy one, then i realized I could just use my phone...nice, so hopefully this is a new thing..pull my phone out, use my voice recorder, then later listen to an idea I said earlier but have now forgotten.

one of those ideas
On the way to work this morning I was listening to a podcast where the guy was talking about causing a cultural paradigm shift, and how it happens, and why it takes so long!  One of the reasons he said is that there are more followers than leaders.  I quickly agreed with him.  He framed the term follower as someone who makes up and or changes their mind because some leader told them to, or told them this is best.  Perhaps substitute leader for authority.  Of course at some level we are all both leaders and followers, and perhaps it would be best if we could all switch from being one or the other very quickly from event to event as the situation dictated.  Even while thinking of this I realized I still agreed there are more followers than leaders.  A follower is someone who passively lives their life, where most of their concepts of what they like, what they don't like, what is cool, what is not cool, what they should be, or not be is dictated to them by someone or something (pop culture) else. 

A leader is a person that realizes an revels in the fact that they are really an individual.  Leaders understand that they CAN be part of other individuals lives, but that they are an individual and that they are responsible for who they are and all implied aspects of that idea.

In general
A leader asks why.  A follower asks how, many times a follower does not ask anything.

Just don't let what you believe happen to you...ask your self why you believe it.

Is this good, is this natural?  Well I don't know, but wow...wouldn't it be a different world if there were more leaders than followers.  kinda fun to imagine. 

Luckily there is something called a settleing point in all things.  Some people say "its just the way things are".  Right now there is some % of leaders and followers and we think its fine because we can easily see the good and the bad of how it might be if there happened to be a different % of leaders and followers.  Whats funny is no matter how "things are" they are that way, and we know no difference.

As I get caught up in the world of possibilities and trying to figure things out.  i realize that ultimately I'm an individual, and what matters is what is going on inside of me.  Am I doing rational things?  Am I trying to grow?  Am I brave enough to admit when I don't know?  Am I ambitious enough to say that I want to know?

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