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Monday, April 11, 2011

Reality is consistent, so is health, then so should your diet be.

Reality is consistent.  BTW after you read this post, go back and look at the title and realize that it is the begining of a very long chain of decisions and actions.  Once you understand the concept you will see that you can add many many things to this sustaining and self perpetuating concept.  The longer your chain the more you thrive.  True.

This is an interesting concept to play with and test as you live.  Here is a quick example.  If something is good sometimes its probably good most of the time, why?  Because reality is consistent.  A way to test and play with this idea is to see if the opposite is true as well.  Meaning, if something is bad sometimes it is probably bad most of the time.  Remember that since reality is consistent, you must also be consistent in how you apply your thoughts to life.  If water when you are thirsty is good sometimes, water when you are thirsty is probably good most of the time.

I bring this up today so that it may be applied to the concept of a healthy diet.  A healthy diet if it is healthy will be healthy in all aspects of your life.  Why?  Because reality is consistent.  If a diet helps you sometimes and hurts you other times it is probably not healthy.  Or to take time out of the equation If a diet helps you in someways but hurts you in other ways it is probably not a healthy diet.

Lets define the term healthy.  The term healthy properly defined will apply to ALL people, because the concept of "healthy" is an objective ideal.  The term healthy is objective in nature meaning if it is healthy it is so, independent of how you may feel about it.  How you may feel about it would be subjective.  You could like your diet or hate your diet or "think" its healthy those three things are subjective perspectives and don't have to do with truth.  They ARE motivational and cause you to take action or not, but still are not about truth.  BTW if your subjective feelings match up with the objective definition of a thing, you have what I call an aligned perspective and therefore will be experiencing peace in a sustainable way...meaning as you experience peace you will be moving towards more peace and so on.  Being aligned though is a topic for another blog.  The term healthy is defined by me, as follows.  Being healthy is to purposely take actions within your own life that are sustaining and self perpetuating.  You know, "being good for goodness sake".  If a thing is a reward in its self it is self perpetuating and a good candidate for being a healthy action.  Another way to say it is by example.  Drinking water is healthy because it sustains the act of drinking water.  It is sustaining in that it helps you drink water, drinking water helps you do it again, and again.  Drinking water never detracts from the action of drinking water.  (At this point I not what to go too deep here by bringing in more concepts like corruption and drinking poisoned water or drinking 10 gallons of water a day, I will, but not in this post.  For now think pure H2O and drinking only when thirsty).  This idea can be confused with the concept of addiction, like smoking crack is self sustaining and therefore healthy.  The difference between water and crack is that while water sustains and perpetuates your ability to drink more water, crack kills you, crack all by its self will eventually keep you from smoking crack, and therefore is NOT sustainable.  Crack of course is an easy example, and sorta funny in its absurd comparison.  But, lets take a step forward and add another concept to the word healthy, diet.

If being healthy is important to you then finding and following a healthy diet is most likely also important to you.  This makes sense because since reality is consistent if there is a concept of healthy then most likely there are healthy things you can do and of course the concept diet can also be healthy...aka a sustainable and self perpetuating action.  So ask yourself in the definition of healthy as has been just laid out; Are you following a healthy diet?  Let me leave you with one thought.  If we believe that reality is consistent and there is such a way of life which would be categorized as being healthy, and you want to be healthy.  Then wouldn't the rational action be to openly and honestly ask your self what constitutes a healthy diet, and am I following one?  In a blog soon to come I will go deeper into this healthy and necessary question.  What is a healthy diet?

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