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Monday, April 11, 2011

Who I am, Who I am not.

In the context of this blog I thought it would be good for readers to know who I am and who I am not.

As far as formal eduction goes I have a Bachelors degree of fine arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  I do not have an formal degree or training in most of the things I am talking about in this blog.  I am considering pursuing a graduate degree.  In what, IDK...I like so many things.

I am a guy that loves to think and learn.  I have read lots on the topics that I will discuss, and consider my self to be a well educated, well rounded thinker.  My natural strength is in communicating my ideas and other's ideas other people.  I'm not good with grammer so feel free to correct or suggest better ways of writing.  I enjoy explaining things.  I hope that I can play some role in the "Archvore/paleo/lowcarb movement", that I can help people with self esteem, and psychological thinking type issues.  I'm definitely hoping to learn as much as I teach.  I believe that an alive spiritual or personally aware and actively reflective life provides access to the most joy and freedom from the most pain.  All of this is a lifetime goal, that could not end, only evolve.

I started this blog as a kind of next step for me.  I've had this desire to share my ideas with my friends and family.  Sometimes I feel that I want to share more than people care to listen, and that's ok.  As I started reading about diet over this past year.  I came across traditional blogs for the first time.  Yea I know its 2011...I'm surprised its taken so long too.  I found that I really appreciate the idea of a blog.  I get to write and say things basically to my self, but with the hope and tone that I'm speaking to others.  I'm a very talkative person face to face so this concept really appeals to me.  I can write as much as I want here on things that are interesting without feeling like I'm talking someones ear off, nor am I "pushing" my ideas on anyone.  That gives me a lot of freedom I can enjoy.

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