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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to eat

I realized that I've said a lot, and not said what to eat.  There are a few variations of opinions on what is optimal and best.  Everyone agrees on the big stuff.  The differences are usually about particular health issues like...are you sensitive to dairy, or night shades, or how many carbs exactly should you have, is white rice ok?  What about tubers and bulbs?  I have opinions on all of this, but don't want this particular post to get too long.  oops...

You know...I just deleted a lot of stuff on purpose, because I thought.  Why reinvent the wheel, I can't improve upon it.  The man who made it is Dr. Kurt Harris and this is it.  I just want add a few comments before I put up the link.

There is really solid reasoning behind what he has put here.  It is very simple to follow.  I have felt great improvements to my physical and mental self as I've followed it.  If you have eaten a low fat diet for a long time you may have to ease in for eating lots of fat.  You will probably feel weird the first week or so as your body reacts like an addict to the lack of sugar.  If you are not eating paleo or low carb now your body is setup to be a carb (glucose) burner and when you stop feeding it "sugar" you will get those crazings...until your body adapts to being able to burn your own fat storage for energy.  This process takes a week or so to start and a few months to be really Keto adapted.

Let your hunger guide your portions and meal timings.  You will find those things change naturally as your body is properly nourished.  It is a process to learn all the things you can eat, as well as being able to spot fake crappy food's and to avoid them.  Even in mind of my last sentence, don't freak out about it, if you are not perfect dont' worry about it, but don't give up on the core principals.  They are the real key to lean and health.  Use knowledge and experience to guide you.  A lot of the real and lasting changes come from your perspective of how you see your body.  Do not feel like you have to be hungry, do not avoid fat.  Seek saturated fat. 

For example I am 6' 2" 244 every once in awhile I put what I eat into a calorie counting webpage.  I put in there what a real typical day of eating is for me.  Just following these principals it turned out to be just under 2000 calories with ratios of 60% fat, 10% carbs, 30% protein.  I honestly think that is the optimal ratios for weight loss.  Kurt makes a point to say don't worry about those ratios because they will work out on their own.  He's right, but if you want to be more neurotic about it for fat loss think highfat, low carb, moderate protein.  I just wanted to show an example.



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