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Monday, April 18, 2011

point of view

Everyone has a point of view.  We're all different, so even as we might come to the same conclusion we may still have a different point of view.  Understanding yours and wanting to understand others' helps you communicate.  You are accepting reality you are learning more, you want to learn more.  You can rely on your conclusions more, as you apply this to your life.

Amongst many players in the High fat/Low carb versus low fat/high carb "battle".  Two of the people that come to mind are Gary Taubes and Dr. Oz.

You probably know Dr. Oz.  Right about now would be a really good time to ask your self why.  Why do you know who Dr. Oz is?  Now ask your self what kind of diet do you think is healthy.  Why do you think that?  Both the concept of Dr Oz and the concept of a healthy diet come from the same school of thought.  They are children from the same parents.  I ALWAYS question something that I "just know" without trying to know.  I did not set out to know who Dr. Oz was, I did not set out growing up to know what a "healthy diet" was, it was something that I absorbed by being born in 1980 in America and paying some "normal" amount of attention to media (books, mags, Internet, tv, radio).  Therefore I argue that everyone knows what a "healthy diet" is and most agree.  For some people, the more others agree with them, the more they agree with their selves.  This is called truth through consensus, and is Dangerous, much more dangerous than any weapon, true.  To those already included in this consensus group it takes nothing more than empty platitudes and dogma for the followers to agree even more.  Most comedians know this, Chris Rock uses this a lot.  People cheer and laugh really hard at things they agree with.  Thinking is forgone conclusion and no longer necessary.  If it took almost no thought to believe in it...beware.

Do you know who Gary Taubes is?  Well, with the help of, and to the detriment of Dr. Oz, you may.  For you to believe Gary, he will have to EARN your respect and trust.  As he does this you may want to know him.  This makes sense, and is fine.  Always prefer the things in life which had to be earned, if you have to earn it everyday the better it is.  Happiness is down this path.  Yes, even though your lover says they love you, you still have to earn it everyday.  Knowledge and ideas are no different.  Remember reality is consistent.  Gary stands a chance in convincing you IF you are loyal to the truth and not JUST to what you already believe.  Again sometimes those two things are aligned, sometimes they are not. 

What is your point of view?  Are you able to become undefensive and hear Gary's idea?

Here is an article by Gary on his recent visit to the Dr. Oz show.

lotta good comments too.

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