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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I keep saying reality is consistant

No, not just because its true...

I keep saying it because I think it is an INCREDIBLE lifelong, always expanding, never fully reaching maturity learning tool.  With it you see that the truth on the inside is mirrored on the out side and vice versa.  You can learn things from other people and then learn things about your self from it.  You can learn from nature.  Saying it, is another way of stating that reality is what it is and its everywhere.  It is the "ness" of life.  It is a way that I learn.  People say you can't really know "truth", and while that is a fun philosophical conversation for sure.....I have to live...... which means I need to know how to live.  I need to know what to do and not to do.  If all of this is true then I better start learning.  If there is no such thing as truth then there is NOTHING to learn..because everything would always be subject to change which means everything could be and eventually wrong and right.  But like I said....I have to live.

The mere fact that I am here proves there is truth.  I am Ryan therefore I am. 

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