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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

when you think you know

It would be wonderful if every time you thought you knew something you could categorize that general perspective as either positive or negative, and then keep a tally of the on going results and look at a chart of your life.  Look at how your life is today, how you feel about that life, and how you feel about the future or past.  I think it would be very telling.  I think if someone could see a chart kept in one place of when faced with a situation where they don't know the truth what their general opinion is that they would learn a lot about their selves.  You may not be shocked, but you may learn a lot.  You may even be grateful for such a set of knowledge.

You may never do this. Some people including my self do not enjoy being so regimented and having to do such things. 

I think it would be more functionally and actively healthy to do a regular reflection on your thoughts.

Just be aware.  It seems this idea keep coming up.

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